Innovating the development of highly selective medicines for patients with genetically defined cancers

We are developing a pipeline of purpose-built, targeted medicines against known genetic drivers of cancer.


Understanding the Biological Basis of Genetically Defined Cancers

Cancer is a disease of the DNA, with specific cancers often arising from distinct activating gene alterations. In the case of any given patient’s specific cancer, the “driving” gene alteration orders the cell to continue to divide, causing the cancerous tumor to form. In order to continue to survive, these tumors depend on the continued alteration of this gene and are uniquely vulnerable to any drug that is able to disrupt the faulty signaling pathway. Loxo Oncology is focused on developing therapies for cancers that are uniquely dependent on single gene abnormalities, such that a single drug has the potential to treat the cancer, by directly inhibiting a tumor’s driving genetic alteration.

Patient Resources

LOXO - 101

(LOXO - 101)

Learn more about Loxo Oncology's lead candidate, larotrectinib (LOXO-101), the only selective TRK inhibitor in clinical development.

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Our Pipeline

The most selective, purpose-built medicines have the highest probability of maximally inhibiting the intended target.

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Patient Education

Patient Education

What does it mean to have a genetically defined cancer? Click here for additional information and resources.

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