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Patient Focused. Science-driven. Collaborative.

Does the drug work? Will it matter to patients?

When it comes to building our pipeline at Loxo@Lilly, our questions are simple but important.

Our rigorous standards for deciding which targets to pursue ensure we focus our energy and resources on high-confidence programs that have the best chance of having an impact. We enable our programs by building teams of scientists across disciplines and equipping them with the tools to move at the speed of science. At Loxo@Lilly, the best ideas win, regardless of who or where they came from. Our open, collaborative approach to drug discovery encourages each and every member of our team to feel ownership over our successes (or even our failures) and, ultimately, that they are making a real, tangible impact on patients.

Office Locations

Louisville , CO

  • Will Hewitt
    — Will Hewitt, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

    Loxo@Lilly is an extremely transparent organization. People are honest and humble about their personal capabilities, and work in a highly collaborative way. One of the key phrases we have is to "move at the speed of science." It's our workplace culture, as well as our amazing leadership team, that enables us with the environment and the resources we need for our work to progress as fast as science and data allows for. There is also recognition across the organization that everyone is working toward the same goal of getting good medicines to patients, and every project we are working on has the potential for high clinical impact.

  • Jennifer Hackler
    Jennifer Hackler
    Scientist, Biochemistry

    The energy at Loxo@Lilly is what stood out to me most during the interview process. Everyone is genuinely excited about the work they are doing, and that feeling has stuck with me a year into my role. Loxo takes care of its employees. If you work hard and show your worth, it’s recognized. Even the small things – like twice-weekly Grubhub lunches – make life less stressful here. You don’t have to choose between a job with a great work environment or one with great benefits – you get both at Loxo.

  • Andrew Metcalf
    Drew Metcalf
    Associate Director, Discovery Strategy & Operations

    At Loxo@Lilly, the leadership team not only cares about our mission of delivering highly impactful medicines to patients; they also really value all of the team members. Everyone here feels the support of our leadership team to deliver the best work that we can on our projects. The leadership team also values the input of every team member, regardless of title. In the Boulder labs, this lends itself to a high-energy work environment with lots of scientific discussion across both chemistry and biology groups and team members sharing the latest data in real time.

  • Peder Cedervall
    Peder Cedervall
    Senior Principal Scientist, Structural Biology

    As a scientist at Loxo@Lilly, I feel that my efforts directly support the company's focused mission to deliver medicines to patients in need. I value the access to cutting-edge technology and the leadership's vision and ability to move projects toward the finish line. Loxo@Lilly is a highly collaborative, stimulating and fun place to work.

  • Omar Mendoza
    Omar Mendoza
    Principal Scientist, Bioassay

    I have been in the Boulder biotech scene for the past 25+ years. In that time, I have worked for three startups and have gone through two large biopharma acquisitions. The R&D environment at Loxo@Lilly is by far my favorite and the most satisfying. It allows the opportunity to explore, learn and spread one’s scientific wings. The speed at which we pursue our work and the almost fanatical zealousness throughout the organization to develop the best medications possible, as fast as possible, makes this the best place to work.

  • TJ Jones
    TJ Jones
    Senior Scientist, Biophysics

    Culture is a core part of Loxo@Lilly's hiring process. The company is looking for good employees with good attitudes. Because there’s such an emphasis on finding awesome people, everyone at the organization seems to be a hard worker, helpful to each other and excited about the work we do, even when experiments don't go according to plan. The culture in Boulder, specifically, is a five out of five. The Boulder offices have a "science-first" attitude, and leadership in this office seems to really care about everyone, not just a chosen few.

South San Francisco , CA

  • Stella Hur
    — Stella Hur, Senior Scientist, Discovery Biology

    I chose to work at Loxo@Lilly because of its unique environment, where the spirit of biotech resides within an established pharmaceutical company with a long history of success. As a scientist working on identifying new targets in oncology, I find the collaborative and innovative culture of Loxo to be inspiring and intellectually engaging. I am very excited to be part of the discovery biology team utilizing cutting-edge techniques and to be surrounded by wonderful colleagues.

  • Ipsita Roy
    — Ipsita Roy, Director, Biologics

    The culture at Loxo@Lilly is fast-paced, dynamic, diverse, progressive and delivery-focused. Similarly, drug discovery is biology-driven, agile and bespoke – it does not follow a set path drawn on a specific discovery platform. Because of these qualities, Loxo has the flavor of a dynamic start-up that is anchored into the establishment of Lilly. It fosters a growth mindset and is always open to new and, at times, unconventional ways to solve problems. My core values – authenticity, building connections through trust, and a radical-candor leadership style woven into the fabric of empathy have finally found a home at Loxo.

New York , NY

  • Carl Constant
    Carl Constant
    Scientist, Discovery Technologies

    It wasn’t until about a month after I started at Loxo@Lilly that I stopped taking pictures of the view to show my friends and family. The view of the East River from our NYC lab and office space is consistently breathtaking and deserves to be mentioned as a clear benefit of joining our team. The primary benefit, though, is the team itself; we’re a diverse team of scientists from multiple walks of life, and everyone treats each other with an implicit understanding that they deserve to be heard and understood on both a personal and professional level. Having worked at larger institutions, as a person whose demographics are consistently underrepresented in this field, the feeling of being a cog in a system also raises questions of whether the system is working for me. The feeling is different at Loxo@Lilly, particularly in the NYC labs, because of all the face-to-face interaction and a corporate policy that encourages us to take the time to step away from our workstations and emails and spend time with our families. Members of the Loxo@Lilly team trust each other to deliver high-quality results, and as a result, our professional boundaries and expertise are consistently pushed towards growth and achievement. I find my skillset to either be tested or expanding on a daily basis, all without ever feeling as though I’m being overlooked. In a word, I’d describe the experience here as fulfilling.

  • Colleen Burns
    Colleen Burns
    Principal Scientist Large Molecule Biology Project Leader

    My career at Lilly began 12 years ago, and I am excited to continue my career within Loxo, which beautifully combines the extensive resources of big pharma with the dynamism of a biotech. I love that scientists at all levels have opportunities to present to and engage with the executive team. Also, the NYC site has a tight knit crew of high-performing scientists who can depend on one another and know how to have a good time. This team makes going to work a lot of fun. I enjoy going to work every day because of this team and culture.

  • Jaina Patel
    Jaina Patel
    Principal Scientist, Large Molecule Biology

    I believe that to make a drug that has the most impact on patients, the science must lead. At Loxo@Lilly, we have been very driven by the science. This allows anyone in any position to be able to voice their opinion and have a possible impact in the way the drug discovery process will go. People with very different scientific backgrounds and expertise are able to come together and work seamlessly even though they are separated by location. The culture within the NYC lab has felt like a strong team or family, and it has been rewarding to collaborate with employees across the organization that are motivated to make drugs that are most beneficial to patients.

Indianapolis , IN

  • Youyan Zhang
    — Youyan Zhang, Principal Scientist, Mechanistic Biology

    One of the unique features at Loxo@Lilly is its flat structure. This eliminates any bureaucracy, encouraging direct communication between leadership and benchwork scientists. This efficiency allows us to operate a large organization like a small biotech company and provides everyone with opportunities for career advancement.

  • Raymond Gilmour
    Raymond Gilmour
    Research Scholar, Pharmacology

    For me, it comes down to focus. Loxo@Lilly is a highly focused cancer research organization, and that means senior management is not having to balance the portfolio across multiple therapeutic areas. Decisions are driven by a combination of high-quality data and unmet medical need. Decisions are not driven solely on an artificial timeline or a date in the calendar. If a specific target can be drugged to benefit patients – regardless of the size of the patient population – it is given serious consideration. If the data are compelling and there’s early support, Loxo finds the resources to make sure the program moves forward quickly.

  • Norman Hughes
    Norman Hughes
    Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

    At Loxo@Lilly, everybody’s ideas are considered. Decisions about what programs move forward are based on solely on the science. In past roles at other companies, my teams would deliver drugs that were safe, potent and efficacious only to see them shelved for non-scientific reasons. To know that a program will move forward or fail for scientific reasons is attractive at this point in my career. My colleagues and I can focus on what’s really important: finding medicines that will matter to patients.

  • Zahid Bonday
    Zahid Bonday
    Senior Principal Scientist, Mechanistic Biology Group Leader

    Within the small molecule discovery group at Loxo@Lilly, we work as one team. This culture is reinforced all the way from the top, and members of our senior management team – in addition to being accomplished in their areas of expertise – are approachable, caring and refreshingly transparent. Their directives are clear-cut, and further, full backing is provided to all feasible projects in the portfolio, which strongly boosts the confidence and morale of the working teams.

San Diego , CA

  • Jenny Chong
    — Jenny Chong, Scientist, Protein Purification

    The work environment here at Loxo@Lilly is fast paced, intellectually stimulating and fun. We highly value teamwork with a common vision to serve patients. It’s been great working with and learning from awesome people with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

  • Charlie Allerston
    — Charlie Allerston, Director, Structural Biology

    At other large organizations, science can become a numbers game, and projects are often nebulous. At Loxo@Lilly, we are focused on highly validated targets. As a result, decisions are made quickly about whether a program moves forward or not. This way of working is reminiscent of the agility of a small biotech, but with the state-of-the-art tools and resources of a larger organization.

  • Barney Collins
    — Bernard Collins, Principal Scientist, Structural Biology

    The small molecule discovery group at Loxo@Lilly has a very energetic and collaborative culture. Leadership really values the structural data and insights provided by our team. Our ability to move fast and to think outside the box – including developing next-generation medicines before resistance to current therapies arise – really differentiates Loxo from other places I’ve worked.

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At Loxo Oncology at Lilly, we are motivated by our goal of improving the lives of people living with cancer. Our team members choose to be part of Loxo Oncology at Lilly because we share this passion and believe in our values.

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