About Us

Loxo Oncology is dedicated to developing highly selective medicines for patients with genomically defined cancers. Our company was founded to leverage two scientific trends:

Scientific Trends

The increasing use of genomic testing in the clinical management of patients living with cancer, leading to the identification of many defects that cause normal cells to become cancerous.

Scientific Trends

Improving chemistry approaches for building highly selective therapies against single targets in the cancer cell.

These insights have provided opportunities for the development of novel medicines tailored to some underlying genomic defects.

At Loxo Oncology, we are focused on developing treatments for people with cancers that are caused by a single inappropriate DNA change, known as an “oncogenic driver.” Our work focuses on these single gene abnormalities, such that one medicine has the potential to treat the cancer with dramatic effect. To the greatest extent possible, we design highly selective medicines because we believe drugs built with a single purpose have the highest probability of deeply inhibiting the affected pathway. Less specific drugs may cause toxicity before they have a chance to achieve maximal efficacy and durable cancer control.

We believe that when a genomic test identifies a patient with a tumor caused by an oncogenic driver, there should be a highly targeted medicine to address the underlying vulnerability leading to the cancer.

Our pipeline is comprised of highly selective drugs that inhibit oncogenic drivers in cancer.

Each of our clinical programs must meet the following criteria:

The genomic alteration in question is truly an oncogenic driver
We can develop a selective medicine that has best in class potential
We can identify and enroll the appropriate patients

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