Our Focus



Genetic testing of tumors has revolutionized our understanding of cancer through the identification of many defects that cause normal cells to become cancerous.

This insight has led to the development of treatments that are tailored to some of these underlying genetic defects. In other cases, new vulnerabilities are identified, which present opportunities for drug developers like Loxo Oncology to design novel drugs for evaluation in clinical trials.

Our programs target so-called oncogenic driver genetic alterations in tumors because some cancers are unusually dependent on for their very survival. To the greatest extent possible, we build highly selective medicines because we believe single purpose-built drugs have the highest probability of deeply inhibiting the affected pathway. Less specific drugs may cause toxicity before they have a chance to achieve maximal efficacy and durable cancer control.

Each of our clinical programs must survive a three-part evaluation process:

Is the genetic alteration in question truly an oncogenic driver, or is it a mere passenger event in the cancer cell? The oncogenic driver opportunities receive our first attention.
Can we develop a selective medicine that has best in class potential?
Is it possible to identify patients who have the alteration through genetic testing?